Our team has a wealth of experience working with clients across multiple industries and provide tailored advice to ensure we deliver truly personal solutions.

We tailor our advice to suit each customer individually, with special consideration made to the sector our clients work within.

We understand our clients are busy, stressed and time poor.

Our role is to support busy business owners, professionals, and executives, and alleviate their financial stresses so they can perform at their best. Some of our industry expertise includes the following sectors:

Financial & Accounting For The Creative Services Industry


The creative industry is volatile in terms of income with peaks and troughs punctuating a lot of careers. We understand this and specialise in providing you with transparent advice to give you stability during periods of employment volatility.

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We have a number of clients currently employed in the creative industry. These include Australian Producers and Directors who work around the world along with individuals who work behind the scenes including gaffers, grips, actors, makeup specialists, set designers and editors.

Financial & Accounting For The Creative Services Industry


Farming constitutes a major component of the Australian economy and is subject to numerous variables which can enhance or damage profit whether you are a small, medium or large primary producer.

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Within HK Partners we have first hand experience of owning and managing a large working farm giving us a unique insight into how to best support your agribusiness.

We specialise in:

  • Farm monitoring
  • Financing
  • Syndication
  • Enterprise modelling to ensure farm optimisation
  • Succession planning
  • Farm acquisition and feasibility
financial advisor sydney

financial services

We have an established client base who work for major domestic and foreign investment banks, insurance companies and fund managers.

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Through this, we have a high level of insight into the complex remuneration structures and tax considerations these organisations employ.

We also have significant direct experience of working with clients who work in finance broking.



We provide services to a range of professionals across the health sector including surgeons and specialists, dentists and GP’s.

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We have experience structuring businesses for sole practitioners and multi-partnered practices to allow health professionals working long hours to focus on what they do best and leave the financial stresses to us.