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Accounting, tax and advisory services built on a deep understanding of you.

A holistic approach that puts you ahead

HK Partners provides a complete advice solution across business, family and life.

We believe it’s essential to take a holistic approach. When all aspects of business and family financial matters are considered as one, the greatest value is attained. 

To put you ahead, we consider the interdependencies of business, personal and family circumstances in every strategy.


Business services


Business planning

Goal setting, KPIs, budgeting and cash flow planning. We help you focus on what matters and to stay ahead of your numbers.


Business taxation

We ensure you meet your business compliance obligations while capitalising on legislative changes and structuring for business and personal advantage.


Asset protection

Advice and solutions that ensure you protect what you’ve built. From structuring advice to shareholder and buy/sell agreements to directors and business insurance.


Management accounting

Beyond compliance and financial reporting is strategic financial management. It’s analysis and strategy that bring together circumstances, goals and opportunities.


Accounting systems

We use advanced and reliable systems that make information collection, processing, reporting and sharing easier and more secure. We help get your systems foundations well set.

Cashflow and

Cashflow and finance

Cashflow is at the sharp end of business financial management. We assist with planning and forecasting and help with financing for working capital, business growth or acquisitions.


Business advisory

Advisory services focus on performance and add context and purpose to goals. We help with M&A, divestments, management buy-outs/ins, due diligence, valuations, exit strategies and succession planning.


Advice connections

The need for great advice doesn’t end with your financial affairs. We help you obtain excellent advice in every corner of business from our trusted and highly regarded professional business advice partners.

I trust HK Partners to provide advice and work with us to solve any challenge we face. They are transparent, accountable and have great connections.

HK Partners provides holistic advice for our business. They’re always so helpful, get things done and increase our performance. And genuinely nice people with it.


Family services


Family office

Families with accumulated wealth benefit greatly from careful planning and management of their circumstances. From family goals and structures, estate planning, succession, guardianships and more.


Wealth management

High-quality, impartial advice is essential to building and protecting wealth. We work with investment specialists to define goals, strategies and structures to increase asset value and protect wealth.


Income taxation

Tax law can be complex, confusing and ever-changing. Our team ensures no stone is left unturned across compliance obligations, legislative changes, deductions and structuring.


Asset protection

Protecting the assets you’ve worked hard to accumulate is a central priority for families and individuals. It is a key area of overlap with business finance that requires holistic management.


Estate planning

The transfer of wealth across generations and other beneficiaries is complex and requires more than accounting skills. We bring sensitivity and respect while we build family understanding.


Advice connections

The need for great advice doesn’t end with your financial affairs. We help you obtain excellent advice in every corner of family and life from our trusted and highly regarded business advice partners.

Getting started is easy

At HK Partners we take care to ensure that every part of your experience with us is positive.

It starts with an introductory and onboarding process that’s refined by our experience and tailored to your needs.

We seek to build an understanding of your situation, goals and priorities through conversation and data analysis. We outline a proposed service approach and options based on your specific needs. You will thoroughly understand how we work with a focus on you.

Then, our onboarding process helps you by simplifying and accelerating the provision of services and ensuring you have all the information and guidance you need to make dealing with us easy and pleasurable.

It’s the start of your journey towards achieving your goals.