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Working with HK Partners

Your journey with HK Partners

Welcome to the beginning of our journey partnering together to shape a better future for your business and family.

Our focus is on your interests and ambitions and the removal of complications that inhibit your success and well-being.

This brochure is designed to guide you through what you can anticipate on your journey with us, ensuring that we unlock opportunities and accelerate your potential.

What we promise

Excellent Advice.

Our clients admire the quality of our advice and tell us that it’s why we’ve become an essential part of their decision-making process.

Quality People.

We pay very close attention to developing people with excellent professional knowledge, skills, and belief in our values.

Removing Complexity.

We excel at finding simple and elegant solutions that produce results. It inspires liberating confidence for our clients.

Seamless Advice Connections.

We collaborate with specialists across a wide variety of professions. It makes things easier for you.

Deeper Relationships.

We genuinely enjoy working with our clients and strive to reach a point where the relationship transcends business alone. It’s positive, satisfying and enjoyable.

Upfront Transparency.

Transparency is such a vital pillar of trust. Transparency relies on flawless communication underpinned by genuine respect for your time and money.


Our Values

Our values underpin the way we act and behave every day, encouraging us to bring out the best so we can deliver the best for our clients.


Look at change as an opportunity.
Be an early adopter of value-adding solutions.


Delivering on promises, all the time, every time.
Taking ownership.


Always working as one team.
Drawing on our broad networks to deliver exceptional solutions.


Near enough is not good enough.
Delivering quality. Always.


What to expect while working with us

A dedicated team.

Your team is made up of a Client Adviser, Associate Adviser and Client Relationship Manager.

Your Client Adviser is responsible for: leading your Team and is responsible for all your accounting and income tax advice and compliance matters.

Your Associate Adviser is responsible for: assisting your Client Adviser with accounting and taxation advice as well as compliance matters including financial statement, income tax return and BAS preparation.

Your Client Relationship Manager (CRM) is responsible for: enabling the accountants in the team to focus on accounting and tax matters.

Your CRM will liaise with you directly on behalf of your Accounting Team for matters like: requesting your tax records, monitoring your lodgement dates and ASIC corporate compliance matters.

In addition, your CRM is responsible for lodging returns and documents with the relevant government authority.

A holistic approach that puts you ahead.

HK Partners provides a complete advice solution across business, family and life. We believe it’s essential to take a holistic approach, because when all aspects of business and family financial matters are considered as one, the greatest value is attained.

We consider the interdependencies of business, personal and family circumstances in every strategy, to put you ahead.

Continuous improvement.

We believe there’s no contradiction between always doing your best and striving to improve. Standards and practices should never stand still.

We employ, develop and retain talented and committed people. Your dedicated team will provide solutions that are precisely tailored to your individual needs.

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How we deliver

HK Partners is a progressive accounting, tax and advisory practice that exists to shape a better future for successful people.

Our approach starts and finishes with a laser focus on our client’s unique interests. We share their ambitions to advance towards business, family and life goals. We also deeply understand the value of simplicity and work to remove complications that inhibit success and well-being.

Enabling this demands an uncommon commitment to excellent advice, quality and client experience. It requires high-quality people who collaborate and communicate effectively, are forward-thinking and responsive to every need. We must also be entirely transparent and always worthy of trust.

Of course, it is the work that HK Partners does to support the prosperity of our clients’ lives and businesses that provides tangible value. Yet it’s how we work together and the relationships we develop that provide more meaningful results.


Financial Stages of Life

HK Partners provide and facilitate the services you need to comfortably progress through the financial stages of life to ensure you achieve financial freedom.


Working with us - image 2.1

Working with us - image 3.1

Our Advisers will coach you through each financial stages of life to ensure you remain on-track to achieve your goals.


Getting started with us is easy

1. Introductory meeting

We aim to develop a preliminary understanding of your situation and priorities. We paint an overview of our capabilities with context that’s relevant to you. It helps you to assess our fit for your business or family.

2. Discovery

A deeper exploration of your business or family structure. We’ll talk about your longer-term goals and short-term priorities. We’ll ask for some summary information to ensure we can provide solutions that fit your needs perfectly.

3. Solution

Our response in the form of a services outline, roadmap and estimated fees. All based specifically on your needs. This meeting is to ensure we’ve understood your requirements and have all your priorities in order. By this stage, you will have developed a good feel for how we’ll work together. So, if you choose to advance, you’ll be starting the relationship from an informed and confident position.

4. Onboarding

Our team run an onboarding process that guides you every step of the way. The aim is to simplify and accelerate the provision of services and give you all the information and guidance that makes dealing with us easy and pleasurable. From a formalised services agreement to access to all necessary documents and platforms.

A focus on advice excellence, continuous improvement and capitalising on useful technology keeps us moving ahead. While personalised advice and relationships built on a genuine interest, empathy and care develops very valuable and lasting partnerships.